Tips on dating a man from morocco

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Some assume that it might be good for business if other tourists see you getting henna or walking around with a small pretty design - a loss leader - so they accept the free sample.

Even with careful upfront explanations like “I have no money with me”, the henna ladies, of course, demand payment.

If you're getting a henna tattoo, make it clear exactly what you want, and where you want it on your hand.

The henna ladies have a habit of very quickly extending their designs up your arm and demanding payment for the extra work.

While it is more liberal than other Muslim Arab countries, that isn't saying much, it is still a very conservative culture, where it is heavily frowned upon for women to date and have sex outside of marriage, especially with a Western man.

Most women do not go out at night and engage in any kind of nightlife, (bars, clubs, etc.), and I'd say 90% of Moroccan women at bars or nightclubs will be hookers.

Taking photos of snake charmers, dancers, monkey keepers and water sellers will require a payment.

Take a few coins whenever you go looking for a photo opportunity.

However, all this time that I’ve been writing, especially on the feminist side of things, everything has just come out from my head, things I thought or ideas based on how I saw the world around me, with what little experience I’ve had.That other 10% are probably either there with boyfriends or maybe one of the very rare wealthy, westernized Moroccans that has lived/traveled to Europe and throws aside the cultural norms.I don't have any first hand experienced gaming Moroccan women, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I'd say to get laid there you'd have to have a combination of a few things, I'd say great looks (Moroccan guys aren't always the most handsome), especially if you are a western with perhaps more blonde hair/blue eyes, or even light brown hair with blue or green eyes, anything that makes you stand out and more attractive than the local men, add to that height and being really in shape.We didn’t have a choice; it was the only (straightest, quickest, and nearest) way back, and at that hour pretty much all the side streets in Marrakech become dark, lonely alleys.There were several instances when we had to walk in between groups of loitering guys on either side, and speaking for all of us, I truly thought getting mugged or worse was a completely real possibility on at least 5-8 separate occasions that night (read: hour).

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