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She was in rescue after she was found running around the streets of downtown LA.

I rescued him when he was one year old from a high kill shelter, he was going to be euthanized that night (sighes)., Laflin got her start as a Golden State Warriors cheerleader.“You’re supposed to be 18,” Laflin says, “but thanks to my mom, your typical pageant mom, she finagled my birth certificate (or something like that), so I was able to cheer in the NBA in high school.” “I wanted to cheer at UT [University of Texas] and they were going to offer me a scholarship but since I had already cheered “professionally” you’re not allowed to cheer in college because you’ve already been paid, That’s one thing I wish I would have done was cheered at UT.Though she was young, she knew she wanted to do more than watch from the sidelines.With determination to make sports a part of her life, she used whatever opportunities she could to meet people and build relationships.

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